Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Tomorrow I have a job interview for a job that seems to have most of what I've been looking for in a position. It is in the field I want to start my career in. It is a nonprofit, which means I won't have to work for a profit driven corporation (which I really don't want to do). The benefits are great. Really great. Full medical, vision, dental insurance are included for the Tiny Tyrant and me (maybe even my lover) . Life insurance, disability, and some free college courses are also available. The wage is more than I've ever made (still below the mean income for my area), and I could actually pay all my bills and rent. I could even afford childcare. Currently the TT's dad and I shuffle our schedules to work out childcare. I may be able to slowly start saving for a house.

If I do get it, the TT's dad may work less, with me kicking him down some money. This was the plan when the TT's dad and I were together: that after I finished with schooling he would work less and be with her more while I got a good job.

On the other hand, I really like the job I have. The atmosphere is so relaxed. I can walk in 15 minutes late and all anyone says is, "How was your weekend?" or something similar. I do my job well and have a lot of autonomy. I like the people I work with. I especially like the boss I'm the assistant for. She's smart, funny, and can tell the Executive Director what's up. She's a great role model for me. This job has offered me more hours and more pay. This job is without all the rad benefits, as I would only work 30 hours a week. I also would bring home less money, but would get to spend more time with the TT.

I don't know which job I would rather have. Do I leave a good thing for something that is unsure, but could really improve my finances? Right now I'm open to whatever works out. Tomorrow I will decide whether this job would be a good fit for me, and hopefully if it is, they'll like me too.

I've also been thinking about soldiers lately, but will take that on another day.

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