Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Interview

At the interview there were 6 (!) people interviewing me. I did pretty well. I only spaced out when they asked me the diversity question (Why is diversity important to an organization?) I went with the keep talking and hopefully something smart comes out approach.

The rest of it went well. I actually have experience in a lot of the things they're looking for. I was hoping that they would just go ahead and hire me, but they called me back for a second interview. So, I don't know what to expect. I also don't know what to say to my current boss. I told her I'd tell her next week what I'm going to do. Maybe I can hold her off until the end of the week; my interview is on Tuesday.

Job interviews leave me so anxious. I ended up getting a headache from the stress that night.

The pressure is intense now. It's probably down to one other person and me. I found out that they'll pay for most of my bachelor's degree. So if I fuck this up, I lose my chance to climb out of poverty.

I'm still thinking about soldiers, but mostly fantasizing about having enough money to pay all my bills.

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