Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Tiny Tyrant

The Tiny Tyrant was going full force today. She woke up a few times last night, but it only seemed to slow me down. I decided to grab my camera and take some pictures.

Here's one of her "tattoos"
These stickers, of course, ended up all over the floor. Do you see her punk rock tank top? I cut it myself from a long sleeve shirt. I've been doing this with a lot of her clothes, as it's hot and we're pretty broke.

I sent TTT to her room after she kept unfolding and hopping on laundry I was folding. Buddhists with sand paintings have nothing on me and laundry. Here's a picture of her yelling to the construction workers out of the window:

She yelled, "Hey, help me! My mommy put me in my room, and I can't get out without falling." Which is hilarious, although since I'm poor, I sometimes worry about people's perceptions of my parenting, as the reality of children being taken by the state is so much nearer. Middle-class parents can joke about their drinking, and rich people can be photographed with their children riding outside of their car seats, but a poor, single mother doing either of these things is another example of ignorant trash breeding. :sigh, why can't we just educate them about condoms?

Another funny quote is, "Guess what's in my cooter?"

Me, "Hopefully nothing, but if there is something in there you'd better take it out right now."

Her, "Ha ha here it is."

Me, "Oh a seed, gross. Hand it to me."

Finally, spoken to my friend, "Don't you give that to my fucking mommy."

Yes, first F-Bomb. Truly a red letter day.

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