Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I know we're just getting to know each other, internet, well except for you, Google. Although from what your ads suggest, I don't think you know the real me. My first thoughts on the tiny tyranny (or a short-lived breather from it) have turned to my semi-private shower. The depraved bliss was so great, that I was (almost) laughing to myself as I was taking it. I say almost, because I was in a public shower at the pool, and naked laughter is enough for some people to think others are insane.

The shower itself was in a room with shower heads lined up against parallel walls. While there were other naked ladies showering after their lap swim, it was still the most private shower I've had in recent memory.

It was absent a tiny person throwing toys at me with which to play. Nobody tried to join me, and absolutely nobody was yelling at me because they needed rice milk, their ass wiped, a snack (no not that snack), and nobody was fake-crying at the neglect of not having her immediate needs met by me for the last five minutes.

The shower was hot, and silent. The missing shower curtain, the strangers, the fear of contracting plantar warts didn't detract from my tranquility. The lap swim was worth the small sum of money charged, but the shower was invaluable.

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